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Detox For PTSD And Addiction Near Orlando

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often a tough trigger for an addiction. Regrettably, self-medicating PTSD effects with alcohol or drugs won’t control the trauma and may become an addiction. At Sunrise Detox Orlando, we recognize the intricate bond between addiction and PTSD and provide medically guided detox services for adults longing to overcome addiction. Call us at 407-305-4029 today if you need assistance managing addiction and PTSD near Orlando.

The Link Between PTSD And Addiction

The conditions of PTSD are hard to live with. Not having appropriate care, you may resort to self-medicating with addicting substances. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol supply only passing relief. They may also exacerbate PTSD symptoms, leaving you relying upon substances more regularly. This spiral may lead into substance use disorders, making you worse off than before.

The medical staff at Sunrise comprehends the unique difficulties you face when contending with a co-occurring disorder. We exist to help you begin your addiction and PTSD recovery with safe, effective detox services that keep your mental wellness top-of-mind. If you’re struggling to find addiction care that can address your PTSD and addiction near Orlando, call us right now at 407-305-4029. Our detox center has a room and compassionate clinicians waiting for you.

Our Detox Protocols For PTSD And Addiction Near Orlando

Detox is the first initiative for quitting drugs or alcohol, but it may cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms. During detox at Sunrise Detox Orlando, our skilled clinicians do everything possible to keep you safe and secure, emotionally and physically. We feel a positive detox experience can provide you a better chance of complete addiction recovery.

If you’re wanting to detox from alcohol or drugs, call us at 407-305-4029. We individualize our detox procedures to your needs, starting off with an evaluation of your existing condition, medical history, and the substances that are in your system. After that, we can immediately stabilize you, making sure that you encounter few complications with withdrawal symptoms. We’ll also consider your PTSD at each stage of your personal care plan.

Medical Treatment During Detox

Our primary intent at Sunrise Detox Orlando is to keep you safe while you undergo our detox process. We have [[trained staff|trained clinicians|skilled professionals| available 24/7 to carefully watch you and your vitals. They will administer safe amounts of medicine to ensure your comfort. If you currently take prescription medications for your PTSD, we’ll make sure you still get those.

Mental Health Treatment During Detox

We also prioritize your mental health at Sunrise. We strive to help you feel safe and at ease. Throughout detox, you’ll get the chance to treat your PTSD with intentional therapy. We supply mental health counseling and support in the form of

We keep therapy elective so you can emphasize yourself to relaxing throughout detox. However, if you are up to it, therapy guided by our licensed counselors can help you start the vital endeavor of improving your mental health. You’ll discover how PTSD may have contributed to your substance use, how to manage your PTSD, and that you are never alone in your experiences. A healthier awareness of PTSD and substance use will help you in recovery in the future.

Why Choose Sunrise For Support With Addiction and PTSD Near Orlando

Withdrawal pain and PTSD symptoms can get in the way of a successful detox. To finish detox as carefully and comfortably as possible, call Sunrise Detox Orlando at 407-305-4029 today. Our detox facility is structured to offer you everything you require to get through detox and be ready for the next move in your PTSD and addiction recovery. We will help you by providing

  • Safe, proven medical treatment for withdrawal
  • Vital sign checks every 2 to 4 hours
  • Observant, highly-skilled staff on-site 24 hours a day
  • Elective mental health therapies
  • A flexible schedule for an abundance of rest
  • A clean and sober atmosphere
  • A comfortably furnished bedroom and private bath
  • Wholesome chef-made meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Recreational communal areas and community activities
  • Absolute patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Assistance with questions concerning insurance and billing
  • Aftercare counseling

Call For Help With PTSD And Addiction Near Orlando Today

When you are seeking assistance safely detoxing from drug or alcohol addiction, Sunrise Detox Orlando is here for you. Call 407-305-4029 or fill out the form that follows for help. We connect with you right away, regardless of the day or time. We are ready to assist you now.