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Detox For Anxiety And Addiction Near Orlando

You need additional help when detoxing from drugs or alcohol when you’re also battling an anxiety disorder. At Sunrise Detox, we know that anxiety disorders aren’t an obstacle to work around but often lie at the core of substance use disorders. If you grapple with anxiety and addiction near Orlando, contact us at 407-305-4029 for prompt support detoxing from different drugs or alcohol in a protected, compassionate surrounding.

Stop The Anxiety-Addiction Cycle At Sunrise

The feelings of anxiety can hinder you from enjoying life. Untreated or undiagnosed anxiety may become particularly intolerable. Drugs or alcohol can deaden those feelings, but this option only worsens the situation in the long run. 

Self-medicating with dependency-causing substances can cover up anxiety and provide the impression of coping. As the euphoric effects wear off, the feelings of anxiety can resume with more force. If you use again, the the crash can become more intense. Over time, your substance use-anxiety spiral develops into an addiction. If you halt the use of drugs or alcohol, your body starts becoming distressed, and you encounter withdrawal symptoms. 

Once addiction appears, you need medically guided detox treatment to free your body of the harmful substances. We know how the addiction-anxiety cycle affects you physically and mentally. Contact 407-305-4029 now for safety-focused detox and mental health support for adults struggling with anxiety and addiction near Orlando. 

Explore How We Treat Anxiety And Addiction Near Orlando 

The detox process is necessary to begin addiction recovery. Unfortunately, withdrawal and anxiety symptoms can make it difficult to complete. At Sunrise, we can help you feel relief from both and complete detox. We start off with a confidential assessment to gain insight into your condition, what you need to detox from, and your medical history. Next, we adapt our treatment protocols to your requirements. We focus on your safety and help you stay calm. Once we help you complete this initial step toward addiction recovery, we’ll help you determine further support for both anxiety and substance use. 

Medical Support During Detox

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs can result in distress and illness. At Sunrise Detox Orlando, our skilled professionals offer medical care for any ailment. We conduct vital sign assessments every 2-4 hours for your protection and provide proven medications to minimize symptoms. Our team is trained to give safe, carefully timed dosages to avoid fostering a secondary addiction. 

You’ll also get plenty of time to relax in your cozy room and freshly-cooked meals whenever you want it. We have nursing staff on-site 24/7 to look after you. 

Mental Health Support During Detox

Going through detox can be scary, particularly if you already suffer from a co-occurring disorder like anxiety. The Sunrise team is sensitive to this. Even though your physical well-being is our leading focus, we also aim to support you on an emotional level. If you have anxiety, we will carefully observe how detox affects your mind and offer remedies. We will also ensure you keep using any anti-anxiety medication you bring with you. 

You’ll also have the option to begin therapy at Sunrise if you wish. We supply 

All therapy is directed by qualified therapists who experienced with the challenges of anxiety and addiction. Under our guidance, you can begin delving into the relationship between substance use disorders and mental health and explore healthy coping strategies that will benefit you during your recovery journey and in the future. 

If you’re interested in starting treatment for anxiety and addiction near Orlando, reach out to Sunrise at 407-305-4029 today. 

Come To Sunrise Detox Orlando For Substance Detox

If you aren’t sure where to get help with your anxiety and addiction near Orlando, contact Sunrise Detox. We are ready to help. We believe you have a right to only the best care for something as critical as drug and alcohol detox. To give you that type of support, we provide  

  • Safe, proven medical treatments
  • Optional mental health therapy
  • Expert 24/7 care by highly skilled staff members and clinicians
  • A relaxed daily routine to allow for healing
  • Clean, modern facility
  • A completely furnished bedroom with an attached bathroom
  • Well-balanced food made right on-site 
  • Patient lounge areas and leisure activities
  • Total patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Help with questions in regards to billing and insurance
  • Aftercare plans for when you depart 

Request Assistance For Anxiety And Addiction Near Orlando Today

Help for addiction and anxiety disorders is here for you today. Reach out to Sunrise at 407-305-4029 or submit our contact form for timely assistance with detox. We always answer quickly, no matter the time or day. We are ready to speak with you now.