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Are You An Alcoholic? An Alcohol Use Disorder Assessment For Orlando

While suffering from an alcohol use disorder can hurt your body and family life, the signs of illness can be tough to spot. If you’re concerned whether you or a loved one’s alcohol patterns have become a disorder, our Alcohol Use Disorder Assessment for Orlando can help. Take this assessment to discover more about the indications of alcohol use disorder and see if it’s the time to go to treatment.

What Does It Mean To Have An Alcohol Use Disorder?

An alcohol use disorder is a condition where an individual shows behaviors of problematic drinking that disturb their everyday life. The degrees of alcohol use disorder can fluctuate, ranging from light to extreme addiction, and might hurt a person's mental and physical health, employment or school, and family and friends.

Here Are Some Indicators Of Alcohol Use Disorder

Individuals with alcohol use disorder may be dealing with:

  • Alcohol cravings
  • No or little control over their drinking
  • Drinking that leads to negative consequences
  • Physical and mental health problems related to alcohol use
  • Poor work or school attendance caused by drinking
  • Relationship issues stemming from alcohol use

Can Alcohol Use Disorder Be Cured?

Alcohol use disorder cannot be cured in the traditional sense, but a professional treatment center can direct you to manage the reasons for alcohol use and give you the tools so you stay sober.

The sooner you get help, the more likely recovery will happen. Begin by using our alcohol use disorder quiz for Orlando and reaching out to Sunrise Detox by calling 407-305-4029 if you still have questions or want treatment for your alcohol use. We’re ready to take you when you need it.

*This tool should not be seen as a substitute for a clinical evaluation.

Treatment for an alcohol use disorder often involves a combination of counseling, medication, and support. Detoxification is usually the first stage to a safe recovery where you can rid your system of alcohol without succumbing to withdrawal symptoms. Then, our expert counselors can help create a personal treatment plan leading to a long-lasting recovery.