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Sunrise Detox FAQs For Orlando

Sunrise Detox Orlando is a residential alcohol and drug detox facility. Our medically supervised inpatient detox treatments are an important beginning of your recovery. You are able to discover more about our detox protocols and facility here in our drug and alcohol detox FAQs for Orlando. And if you need more information, contact us anytime for prompt assistance. We are always here for you.

Sunrise Detox Orlando offers medically supervised detoxification from alcohol and drugs. This means you stay in our facility while our team watches over you 24 hours a day. They closely track your health and give you medication to prevent potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and lessen any distress.
We also give you the option of group therapy and peer support so you may explore what prompts your substance use and we consult with you to craft an aftercare plan to help you build enduring sobriety once you leave.
Sunrise Detox only admits adults age 18 or older.
Sunrise Detox Orlando strives to make our resident accommodations as comfortable as we are able. You’ll stay in one of our pleasant, well-equipped rooms with a full, private bath and a TV. This room is shared with only one roommate. Private rooms are available upon request. Group and individual therapy is provided in a nurturing environment. Whenever you feel up to it, you can use the TV or play games in our lounge or enjoy the outdoor patio. We even supply chef-cooked snacks and meals.
Prepare like you might for a week-long trip. Although we provide many essentials, you ought to take things like:
  • Clothes
  • Personal hygiene supplies
  • Hair products
  • An iPod or music player
  • Things to read
  • Prescription medications
  • Money for vending machines
Yes, you may bring your mobile phone. But keep in mind, we will keep it in a secure area following your admission. When you have a desire to see your notifications or reply to an important call, you may ask a staff member for your phone or to access our phone.
We permit men’s and women’s razors, but our staff will hold them for you.Simply speak with a team member to sign it out.
We recognize the essential support animals offer patients and we are pleased to accommodate them. We simply ask that you let our admissions team know ahead of time if you are bringing a service animal. You are required to present the proper certification for the animal during intake.
Your safety is our top concern. If you don’t have a member of your family or friend who will drive you to our Orlando treatment center, we are glad to schedule a ride from your address or the airport. Contact us anytime to ask how we might get you here.
During our admission process, we will administer a extensive medical appraisal to understand what types of substances you have taken and how you are able to safely begin detoxification. You’ll sign required paperwork for emergency contacts and information for family members. Then we’ll remove any restricted materials you have brought before helping you settle into your quarters.
We realize how significant family support is throughout your alcohol or drug addiction recovery. However, our treatments are most successful when you have space and time away from external factors to concentrate on the challenge of detox and recovery. For this reason, we don’t permit visits from family. However, you have the ability to chat with those who care about you over our resident phone. We will also keep your family and designated contact person advised of your status.
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. In conformity with federal regulations, we maintain the confidentiality of your medical information. We will not communicate to any external group or individual that you are attending our program, and we are bound not to supply any communications classifying you as being treated for a substance use disorder unless you provide written consent. You will receive a printout of our confidentiality policy during the admission process.
We personalize your care to your specific situation established from your medical appraisal and the types of substances you are detoxing from. Our caregivers are proficient at timing these treatments to avoid harmful side effects. They can also aid you in organizing your own prescription medications and dispense supplemental medicine to mitigate withdrawal symptoms as required.
We work with most commercial insurance policies. Whenever you call to inquire about a room at our detox center, we will gather your insurance particulars and verify it with your provider. We are unable to take Medicare/Medicaid at this time.
Yes, we accept patients who don’t have healthcare coverage. At the admissions phase, we can explore acceptable payment possibilities.
We won’t send you home without a blueprint for additional treatment in place. Our objective is to stabilize you with detox and ready to take part in other recovery services as you work towards lasting sobriety. Prior to your departure, we are able to help you contact a residential rehab facility or a range of outpatient services.

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